PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry was established in 1976 which manufactures adhesive (Adhesive) special plywood, besides production also produces Formalin Adhesive and Hardener.

PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry is a joint venture between PT. Log Pakalong and Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Lt. and the first company in Indonesia, which produces adhesive in 1976.

PAMOLITE taken from PT. Log Pakalong and Sumitomo Bakelite

PA derived from PAKALONG
MOLITE derived from Bakelite SUMITOMO

ADHESIVE taken from the production of the resulting adhesive (adhesive)

Status of the company is foreign investment (PMA) headquartered in Wisma Nusantara Lt. 6, Jl. MH. Thamrin 59, Jakarta Pusat, and the factory is located at Jl. Brantas Km.1 Probolinggo.

Initial production are just two types of adhesives and formaldehyde, in the year – the same year direct sales soared.

To maintain its leading position, PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry pioneered several new products such as Adhesive Melamine (MA) and Phenol (PA) was introduced in 1998, Phenol Melamine Adhesives (MPA) in 199, Adhesives Urea (UA) to Medium Density Fiber (MDF) in 1995 .

Selection of the location of the factory in the town of Probolinggo – East Java, among others, because it is adjacent to the plywood industry at that time and sourced water.