About us

PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry is a company engaged in the manufacture of industrial adhesive Thermosetting Adhesive, Formalin and hardener.  The company was founded in 1976, to meet the needs of adhesives for plywood industry is emerging and growing rapidly in Indonesia.  Amid fierce competition in the adhesive industry today, PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry remains leader with excellent quality and good after-sales service.  PT. PAI continues to study the timber industry in Indonesia and with regard to complaints and customer needs, so the company is always the best in the improvement or development of products and production capacity target.  The success of PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry today is a reflection of the consistency of the quality, which is the result of harmonious cooperation between management and employees, and the success is the creation of a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation to achieve common goals.