Release ceremony


Release ceremony  Mrs. Cuplik K

Release ceremony employees / employee is a regular activity in PT. PAMOLITE ADHESIVE INDUSTRY when employees / employee has entered the age of 55 years.
Mrs.Cuplik K. has full duty on August 4, 2014 and Mrs.Cuplik K. is the longest employee at PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry with terms of 37 years, 9 months



Departure ceremony.Mr. Marhadi and Mr. Nana Hartono

In early 2015 the Board of Directors and its staff and all employees of PT. Pamolite Adhesive Industry removing two employees who have aged 55 years, 2 the employee is Mr. Marhadi have full duty on 9 November 2014 33-year working life and Mr. Nana Hartono has full duty on December 31, 2014 34-year tenure, 9 months.